About PCRI

About Us

For over 25 years, Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives has reinvested in Portland’s neighborhoods, preserved their diversity and provided tools to help low-income Portland families achieve stability and self-sufficiency.

From our original task of helping people who were unknowingly swindled out of their homes, PCRI has come a long way.  Still, the challenges are constant—as is our presence as an anchor of stable, diverse and livable Portland neighborhoods.


Our Homes

With over 700 units of affordable housing, PCRI’s unique mix of single-family homes, small multi-plexes and community apartments represents one of the last stable opportunities for low-income households to remain in their vibrant Portland neighborhoods.  These homes and apartments are woven into the fabric of their neighborhoods and are a model for eliminating concentrations of poverty.

Our Services

At the most basic level, PCRI’s affordable rentals help residents achieve family stability.  Building on this stability, PCRI’s award winning services give families culturally-specific skills and support necessary to achieve self-sufficiency, begin the process of wealth creation and, in many cases, become—and remain—successful homeowners.

The Gala

We are excited to host the annual gala at the Hilton Portland Downtown. Building on the success of previous events, it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our history, share our story, and connect with the community at such a critical and pivotal time—both for PCRI and for the families who call our housing home.

2015 PCRI Gala by Cameron Browne


Thank you for being a part of our celebration!