It Takes Two to Tango

March 1, 2013 · by Events Team · 2012 Gala

Guests from the 2012 Dancing with the Stars gala will recall Trisonya Abraham’s dramatic tango (and her waltz, which was the judges’ favorite).  Trisonya also remembered her tango steps and recently shared with us a great story about it:

I went to Greece in June [of 2012]. My last day of a nine day business trip, I was out enjoying the Greek night life when I was drawn a cafe that was playing music.  After sitting there for an hour enjoying Greek traditional music they changed the music to a tango. And a man jumped up and shouted, “Does anyone know the tango?”

I jumped up and said, “I know the tango!”  And I proceeded to dance the night away with a man from Argentina.

Trisonya jokes that she may have been the runner up in the Dancing with the Stars competition, but that night in Greece she was the Number One tango dancer!

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